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Twitter is a superb resource for bite sized business news as and when you need it. As a business it is important you retain up to date with all the latest changes affecting your industry and the way you run your company.

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A year a while trawling Twitter to find the actual best resources online. Some are non-brainers, whilst others you will never have came across. Here's our guide to the most effective Twitter is the reason start-ups and smaller businesses.

BBC Business

All the latest news from your BBC's business team in an easily digestible format. You will soon scan the articles to locate which appeal to you one of the most. Of course in the BBC, this news is timely and from your most relevant sources.
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Federation for Business

A very useful resource which supplies its followers with business tips rather than news stories. The target from the account works well ways of growing businesses; the information provided can be invaluable for companies.

Guardian Business

This can be a quite recent account having only been made a few months ago through the team on the Guardian business section. Understandably, the information is accurate and highly researched and it is aimed towards SMEs. The Guardian team also regularly hold question and answer sessions so you can pose particular questions.

Startup Britain

It'll come as no real surprise to many individuals that Twitter account is very directed at the startup market, as opposed to SMEs. As well as regular news updates, this account also provides focused advice to individuals searching for practical steps to show their ideas perfectly into a reality.

Forum for Private Businesses

A great resource with regular updates. This account provides advice for smaller businesses as well as advice on marketing and networking, which are a couple of the most important things to consider for any small company.

Business Zone

This account is Chocobloc with news, videos and even competitions, along with advice from business experts like James Caan and Peter Jones of Dragon's Den fame. A great presence with a host of followers.

If you are starting out on your own with a small or startup business, you will need all the assist you to will get. After all, it really is far less expensive for learn from the mistakes of others, as opposed to learning from your personal. These Twitter accounts provide you with the advice you require from skillfully developed and those that have learnt their lessons the hard way.


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